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9Wednesday, October 11, 2006

aku punye comp da aik dok
da leh main internet alek nie
abez lar nanti rosak agik
da lame tk pegang comp rindu plak lar ekh
pening2 lalat sak pandang nie comp lame2
since comp da aik kn
aku take time to update mi blog
da lame tk update ngok cam plain jek lak
so wat to update ekh?
actuali ders notin lar to update but
juz writing rubbish
da kene download smua benda alek
punye lar leceh
lagu2 anyak2 pun da ilang
stupid harddrive
crash pulak harddrive aku
klau tk da lame aku njoy
but wat to do kn
btw gang


9Monday, September 04, 2006

haiyo mi comp still in the stupid spoilt mood siak
punye lar cam sial
all the assignment nd to do in skewl siol
wah kaustill left with 1 more assignment
hope can do it bi todae lar
so easier can study for the upcoming test and exam
test notes for tomolo test haven study yet
luckily thama got do some notes on tomolo test n luckily for me he brought it here to skewl
gona hav a lunch break n i guezz its either i copied it or photostate it lar
c how it goes
5 full page nd to study sak
couldnt b dat bz for todae i guess
hopefully i wont b sleeping while studying tonite
somemore nd to kal mi gerl
dis is wher mi time-planning comes in
had a fought with mi gerl the other dae round
she lied to me siak
cant blieve it
dats y it seems lyke ders sometin not right
stupid her thought i would b angry wit her juz bcoz she in contact with other guy
im kinda dissappointed with her behaviour
now it seems lyke the trust in me towards her had slowly faded away
hopefully n slowly it would heal back in time for us to start anew


9Wednesday, August 30, 2006

it haz been long since i didnt blogged
mi home computer spoilt siak
wah kaw
so de leceh sak
got alot of assignment to do further more its haz been difficult
for me to online dis daes
onli at skewl den can
lucky got into the IT course
so now im here updating mi blog in skewl
juz finish doing mi online exam
cant blieve it i passed with 75.5% grade marks
aniwae it all thanx to thama
helping me out with the revision
without him i guez im sure gona fail siak
mi module mark so high oso with his help
appreciate to hav such a friend like him
btw yesterdae is his B'dae
hapi B'dae bro
hope ur wish n ur future will b as bright as mine
hav to giv some credit though to mi switie
keep me alight during mi saddess dae
btw who sae stiff guyz not dat emo?
btw guyz until here im updating mi blog ryte
so anitin juz tag in mi blog
sure to reply sooner or later oryte
k guyz take care n chill around
lyke dey sae


9Tuesday, August 15, 2006

2dae is de 2nd dae she is awae
didnt got her msg so i guez da kene confiscate lar hp tu
or she is too tired to msg me
klau camp pat pulau ubin confirm penat nye
xperience it oreadi mah
so sweetie wat hav u been eatin? Ration food?
where hav u been slipin? in a tent?
Mornin got a BMT is it?
im havin a great time here
lek jek goyang kaki
ade computer, handphone, tv dan kipas pun ade
kk lek2 jgn mrh
went to skewl todae
as usual we reach der 30 mins late
da jadi kebiasaan lar
not dat worst as Thama
came at 10.30
his reason: cant find the klaz
ade2 jek alasan
Den we nd to do our Flash ting
damn it forgotten to bring mi MP3
Thama n mi file is in dat MP3
so for the whole of 6 hours for dat lesson
both of us dont reali noe wat to do
so basically we juz do our EPL PREMIERSHIP FANTASY team
n browse through soccer website
reali sien siak
we lie down
put our legs on the table
disturb others wen dey r doin their Flash assignment
Zee n Shark in de mean time giggling n talkin amon each other
tak heran lar since drg da bez n notin to do oso mah
i kinda feel strange bout dem so dcide to c wats up
SKALI dey watch PORN lardey
haiyo2 hancur
nie lar contoh2 dak2 hanyut
kena asked bi miss Tiff y we didnt hand in our Flash
n we give de same reason
forget to bring r but we finish oreadi
she got hold of our reason siak
"dats de onli excuse u keep telling me"
we can juz smile
so we juz went out of klaz after de talk
veri de mendak since we r not doin anitin n it juz wastin our time
went to Fronter library to 'relax' for awhile
alot of skewl kids dat dae
dont noe y lar huh
mayb romance dae kot
byk dak2 skodeng pat library sak
bising lagik tu
went for mi rounds for awhile(step librarian lar tu)
act nk chech ade buku bez2 tak
skali jadi hero lar aku
saw dak mlayu dari pioneer kene hang ngan dak cina
at 1st thought its juz a mere talkin den as i come closer heard dat chinese guy sae" not happi come lar we go to the exit"
a sign dat dat cina punye sial nk carik gaduh ngan dak mlayu
mentang2 drg ramai dak mlayu tu kecik jek
kirakn drg le take advantage lar ekh?
drg buat lawak lar
so i went to confront dem
shah:wat happen? trying to pick on a smal guy is it?
cina:they wan to fight over here so i asked dem to stop but dey rebel! u his brotherz huh?
shah:who u wan to noe? cant dey hav deir time here? u can asked de librarian to talk wit dem wat.... u librarian huh?
cina:no librarian lar...later dey kena caught dey kene cane in skewl how?
shah:u from de same skewl huh? pioneer is it?
cina:no from jurongville
cina:den mind ur f**king bizness lar... heard u wan go exit to talk wit dem huh? over here cant talk is it?
cina:later ppl c here not nice lar
shah:u wan to pick a fight on a small guy sae lar... u wan him dats mean i wan u... how?
da mls nk lyn aku trus suro dak2 mlayu tu jln
act i quiet gabrah siak
i noe dat dey r de gangsters from dat side but juz b bold for awhile
btoi gak ckp wan
"kul brani memang brani klau ramai2 dtg kene sebat sape mau tanggung?"
ade jek kene sebat
da jadi
tonggang tebalik tiang dua belas
but tk kene
i2 dak mlayu pun tk trima kasih
rapi bila balik takut
kita balik aru ikut blakang kita
tau kasi krg kene sebat
jadi drg tau ckp trima kasih
gd idea
after dat we to
hav our dinner at Short Jack's Gold b4 proceeding homemart
balik trus tido sak
kul 9 aru angun
da hp silent jek
tkde org msg


9Monday, August 14, 2006

daes passes bi slower den xpected
2dae is juz de first dae dat she went for her camp
started to miss her though
woke up this mornin n look on mi mobile phone to c whether she had beep me or not
it seems like she didnt
so i went for mi bath n wit da same routine
change n had mi breakfast
den she beep me the last time(as thought) b4 she part wit me for her camp
i went to meet shark n zee at the interchange
surprisingly zee came later den me
on the bus
surprise2 mi gerl beep me again
dis time askin me 2 take care of miself n dunt b naughty
isnt she sweet
so we reach the CMO klaz abit late
the klaz was damn bored todae
Mr.Wong keep talkin n i juz cant understand a single word
so we went to hav out T-Break(Breakfast) which lasted for 25 mins n we attended dat klaz again
zee keep sliping the whole time
not a surprise since she wasnt intrested in the lesson
At 11 we had to attend an arguent meetin wit Ms. Aza
ingat mane punye urgent tah
skali xtra klaz
dat klaz ate 20mins of our lunch time
bodo punye cikgu slalu conduct mepek punye klaz
but hav to attend coz theres assignment dat will b graded for our final exam
had our lunch at Cafe b4 proceeding for our MME klaz
Ms Tiff claim i didnt went for the CMO lesson which instead i did
tkpe lar since dia cantik bbual baik ngan dia
with the witnesses(chey witness siak haha) she put me 'attend' for that lesson
stress siak wit the Flash assignment
had to do 10sec of animation
sure u tink dats kinda easy
but HEY! take back ur words coz it isnt easy as u expected
dia punye kpala batu tk nk surrender dia punye HP
tkpe2 dats advantage to us
leh lar everi nyte lepaskn rindukn
den i went ahead to do mi Flash
sriously cant concentrate
keep tinking of how shes doin
nie lar klau org da dalam alam cinta
dcided to surf the net n disturb Thama
Thama pun le layan prangai gila aku
den i dcide to toleh ke arah nani(she sit bside me)
to mi surprise she was lookin at a gay video
the first thought of me n Thama is dat
is she ok?
shes gettin weird
we 'accompany' dem to watch de video
Jonathan n Hafiz join in to watch that great video too
curious katakn
den nani went to watch lesbian n sex video
bi dis time i lost mi interest as im too bz playing the EPL PREMIERSHIP FANTASY
so we went home after that lesson
penat angat ampai tetido jap pat dlm bas
weird pulak narie tak cuci mata
klau tk da kene teguh ngan nani
once reach home
i ate
had mi haircut
watch tv
wake up
got a kal from VE Company
askin me to come for interview regarding Entrepanuer Scholar
gladly bing short listed as top 20 out of 260 candidates
dont noe whether ill go or not


9Wednesday, August 09, 2006

does money reali control ones life?
does money oso make u feel easy?
does money reali make u feel like the world is on ur feet?
does money kills your boredom?
i've been wondering all dis daes
mi life feel like im empty wenever does no 'money'
xcept if der is mi fwen n mi princess wit me
no meney no ting dat u wana get
look left- look right
ppl r enjoying themself
is it bcoz of money
or is it bcoz of ppl dat r around dem?
i still wonder
notin for me to do dis holidae
still at home from the 1st i open mi eye dis mornin
didnt go nowhere since nobodi wana me to
its been 1 wk kinda i didnt meet her
mis her lots
but wat to do
both r bz wit each other stuffz
seems like we didnt put aside much of time to b wit each other
talkin on phone?
can juz hear her sweet voice
how bout cing her cute n cuddly face?
next wk shes goin for her camp at Pulau Ubin
1 more wk didnt get to c her
wat do u tink...?


9Tuesday, August 01, 2006

haven been bloggin for a long time
kinda dunno wat to write about
so here i am writin
let me tink wat to write
so for dis whole dae kinda spend most of mi time in the lab
doin Flash Anime
the first time do it
so reali hav a hard time how to all the anime
i took almost 6 hours to do a 3 second anime
includin me cabut makan pat canteen
kinda slow write
but its alot of work
hav 3 weeks to do 10 second anime
dont reali noe whether i hav dat much time
so gona b bz
didnt wen home straight after skewl
follow the guyz wen to j.p while waitin for syazwan to reach the Frontier Library
Adrian wen to bought a earphone n bling, andrew, chio bu, wayne n others i forget
kinda weird huh
n mid wae through tehy got to c a free show
wayne sae" i like"
went to Frontier den wit Nani n Syafiqah
wan came along later on
chat, laught n made dat place like ours
The First time i saw bdk jadi anjing kawan tuk number pompan
i2 pun dia jadi badut
nk mintak tapi tk tau
tehulu tehilir


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